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Biometric Services


Biometric Services

Biometric security services offered by Enlighted Vision Security Service Pvt. Ltd. help organizations to identify and allow entry of their own staff and restricting the entry of outsiders in their premises. Our biometric service recognizes the face and fingerprint of the employees hence safeguarding the valuable of your company and house. Our efficient services facilitates management of data in a smooth manner which helps in recognizing face, fingerprints and iris of the known people and keeping unknown people away from your property.

With our biometric system we collect the biological traits of your staff like fingerprints, shape and features of face, intensity of iris, etc and combine all such factors which help in identifying your own people and eliminate the risk of robbery and break-ins by burglars. In similar way, we install biometric devices at the entry of offices for recording the attendance of the employees.

Our biometric systems and devices are very accurate in identifying the known faces as it operates on unique-recognition feature.